Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh, there you are.

What's three or four months amongst friends, eh?

Good to see you though, hope you're well. How's the fam?

Nice, Ang & Ry are great. Yea, we got married two months ago...

It was good to get the 'ol band back together too. Here's us boys jumping over a small child...

That's not really Andy - it's an Andy dummy hanging from a crane overhead. The only folks that didn't make it were our wacko neighbors that can't seem to control their kids.

Had to "shoo" Wolf Bitzer off the lawn a couple times, that guy just doesn't quit.

We're in the midst of buying a house, which is quite the challenge, but found just what we were looking for:

Home Sweet Home, in technicolor.

Oooh, didja see what's at the local corner store now?

2 Below is a close 2nd only to Skinny Dip for seasonal favorites. Already picturing a nice evening in the backyard around the fire pit with a couple 2B's...

That'll do for now. Too much too fast is never a good thing - in blogging or in buffet lines.

Cheers, -H