Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does moving really excite anyone?

I can honestly say that moving makes me a bit disgruntled. And it's carried over to work, cause today every salesperson sucks. So as a midweek treat - it's time for a little EES to soothe the beast in us all.

Friday, March 27, 2009

End of week ramblings 3/26/09

Thought about digging out of the snow yesterday, but after the office closed early yesterday, Jeff & I came up with a better option.

Hypothermia be DAMNED!! When all was said and done, about a foot of the white stuff fell on the NoCO. Making the trails this weekend a bit sticky in places. Give it time to dry folks. For now, let's get this rolling shall we?

It was a bad week for guys on bikes. First up we have Today Show host Matt Lauer - who's least favorite song is now "Grandma Got Ranover By A Reindeer"

Welcome Back Matt, here's to ya and wishing you a speedy recovery. Milk that sling for all it's worth - like a better parking in the NBC garage; Chris Matthews can walk a little farther and could use the exercise.

Also taking an unscheduled trip over the bars this week was Captain WOW! himself:

The moment you crash in a pack like that must be like: "This is really going to suck cause 100 other guys are about to crash on me. I hope they dig me out of the pile soon." If Lance still runs the Giro, AND le Tour after smashing his collarbone mere months before - he truly deserves the title of Captain WOW! Maybe he needs some of Michael Phelps' super-human power giving super weed... That'll speed up the healing.

I found a new bike blog this week out of NYC, and it just so happens it's got a catchy title. I don't know a lot about BBNYC, but I know I like it. Critical Mass info, how to build a bike in NYC, and I found this awesome pic on the site:

Oh yea, it's the last Friday of the month... if you're riding anything less than 4 wheels, then get on it.

Happy Weekend. Get yourself 48 hours of mandatory fun. -H

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snow? In Colorado? IN MARCH???

It was bound to happen...

and I'll happily take it over wildfire season.  Thankfully we'll definetly use the moisture.  Unthankfully, the trails will be a wreck this weekend, and douchbags will fill the slopes at the resorts.  

Sounds like a good weekend to stay home and pack.

Friday, March 20, 2009

End of week ramblings 3/20/09

Happy Friday,

The lows, the highs, and regardless - Friday will always return.  And for that I'm grateful.  Let's jump right in...

First the lows...  I've had more than my fair share of dental work over my few years - crowns, sealants, cavities, braces, wisdom teeth pulled, oral surgery... I even had two extra canine teeth (the pointy vampire-like ones) extracted that grew in my lower jaw, which just adds to my mutant like qualities.  

But I also got my first root canal this week.  Luckily, my dentist is also a family friend, and has the most "techy" office I've ever.  Watched a movie while they were drilling and filling, no pain whatsoever.  Already scheduled for my regular cleaning on Apr. 15th.  Will get some pics too.  And maybe some kids toothpaste - that stuff tastes awesome.

In a week of "downs" you know there's got to be a few "ups" in there...

Found some cool news on an event that originated in MPLS, and making it's way to Denver next month.  And if you like art, bikes and beer, then chances are they've also got your number...

ARTCRANK started just a few years ago in Minneapolis as cool poster exhibition for local artists showcasing bikes, bike people, bike stuff, beer, you know - the good things in life.  It's such a huge hit in the Twin Cities like here at good ol GeneO's OneOnOne...

...that Josh and the rest of the bike-art-braintrust are bringing the event to Denver as well.  April 11th is the go date for the opening night kickoff party.  Do yourself a HUGE favor - click THIS to check the site for more info.  Then we can look like this:

Aww...  Look at us three.  See how much fun?  Well, it is.  So bring friends.

That's all I've got this week.  Mmmm... 48 hours of freedom...  Break yourself off a piece and enjoy.  -H

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today, I'm sporting my shamrock manties...

Dye the river green, have your 10am shot of Jameson, and pick the friend no one else likes to be DD.  You know what time it is...

Ahh finally - the one day a year that I don't look like an @$$hole for drinking green beer.  

Unlike many of the green vomiting, drunken revelers, I am Irish 25% of the time - all the time.  And I can prove it.  My Grandpa on my Mom's side died on the toilet with a bottle of whiskey in hand.  I picture it in my head with "Oh Danny Boy" in the background and can't help but shed a tiny tear.  Oh and he was 100% Irish.  Mom will even tell you he was a gigolo.  Good ol Gramps...

So sip a Shamrock Shake and grab yourself a handful of leprechaun @$$, since those little bastards never REALLY wear green, cause today we're all Irish - or more so than normal.

Erin Go Bragh.  -H

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oooh BONUS!!

Not GQ, not Reader's Digest, but ridiculous enough...

End of week ramblings 3/13/09

Looks like we're 2 fer 2 on Friday the 13th's here, eh? But remember, it's all a bunch of hullabaloo - fingers crossed...

Here's a great video displaying the great American determination:

Who says the bike can't solve problems? Took care of that snowstorm there, and made damn sure that cold fella had his brewskies.

This week, there's also a handful of folks in Washington DC rallying for the use of bikes in more open spaces. Team IMBA and friends are checking in and making sure there's going to be plenty of knobby-tired goodness to go 'round for years to come. Much thanks guys! Follow their progress HERE.

Had the opportunity to meet up with the good folks at Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol this week too.  If there's a group of folks that knows how to mix their bikes and trails with beer and pizza - it's this crew.  1st patrollers meeting is Wednesday March 25th at New Belgium in FTC - yea-yea brewskies.

On the wedding front - we're officially just under 6 months to go and starting to feel a bit behind and under the gun.  Need to finalize save the dates and send; invitations, registry, etc...  still doing ok with it all, but it seems like a lot and it's really coming up quick.  We've decided to give ourselves a break and wait to jump back into it after the move.  All of a sudden, packing up all my crap and moving it across town never seemed so fun.

Sorry for the delay this week.  Too much on my plate this week, but I'll be on top of it all next week.  There's also my Twitter feed to keep track of me there too.  So quit yer bitchin'...

You've got 48 hours and counting to avoid the bummer life, so get going already.

Cheers, -H

Friday, March 6, 2009

End of week ramblings 3/6/09

Happy Friday,

Elizabeth, my boss at work, is a pretty cool lady.  She's English from England, uses awesome words like "whilst" and "rubbish", plays video games, sharing snacks and funny clips of animals doing crazy sh!t on the internet.  So for Elizabeth, let's start this one out with a good laugh.

I have never been so close to peeing my pants at work until I saw that video.  I'm pretty sure I guffawed out loud.  And for those of you who don't know what exactly a "guffaw" is, it's the laugh you make when you're being tickled just before it's no longer funny and you're about to kick someone's ass.

Now, is it just me or did the entire country get a Twitter account this week?  

Twitter is like Facebook for folks with ADD.  Just status updates - that's all.  It could read something like:

hansincolorado I think I'd like to write a sentence.  So there.

And that's about it.  Everyone's life - 140 characters at a time.  If you're bored with your life, follow mine on Twitter HERE.

The gang at Swobo has been spring cleaning a came up with a bunch of cool stuff they're blowing out - all top notch stuff at ridiculous prices.

I got a pair of JMak's while in Portland last year and they never made it back to the closet, drop trou, in the wash, back on - friggin love those schpantz.  Check out the whole lot HERE...

There's a good group of folks here in the NoCo trying to make the city streets and country trails safer for folks on two wheels.  The Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol along with FC Bikes are doing phenomenal work with trail work, education, and just getting more folks out on the bike.  

DPMBP is hosting their "get to know you, us & them" type meeting Monday at New Belgium in FTC.  El Hefe', Ruggedy Andy and yours truly will be in presence to get the lowdown and we'll do our damndest not to keep it on the downlow...  Fo sho.  New Belgium is one of their sponsors and even donates ca$h from the beer sales at Tour De Fat in FTC to DPMBP - pretty damn rad if you ask me.  Get clickin' for details.

I've given you a good starting point, so find a little something on here that tickles your fancy and put your own twist on it.  Why not, it's the weekend and it's only 48 short hours till Monday.

Get at it.  -H

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why "YouTube" is here to stay

You thought Americans were the only people desperate enough to do anything for their 15 minutes of fame...

This must be the Japanese equivalent of "I Love Money".... or "The Today Show."