Monday, May 18, 2009

So we've been busy - wedding busy.

The kind of busy that once things get moving, it's a steaming freight train that doesn't stop or even start to slow down until Uncle Carl is shot-gunning beers (which he smuggled in himself) and doing keg stands at the reception.  Then it's just an awkward family moment/liver failure and then downhill from there.

Take the following for example: Jeff & Shauna's wedding was a little more than a week ago.  Here's some of the best moments from the photo booth.  An awesome night.  Go freaking nuts.

Friday, May 8, 2009

End of week ramblings 5/8/09

So it's been just me and the kid for the past two weeks.  I think we've faired quite well since Ang has been gone.

You'd think being away from your Mom for the first time ever, and for two weeks no less, you have a mess on your hands.  But with the help of Nana & Papa, AmBam & Yessie, and Rock Band, time has flown by.  Needless to say I'm beyond excited to see the old lady - just starving for some conversation outside of "Who's your favorite Jonas Brother?"  And my answer is Lenny, the bastard Jonas son.  He's the one with the real voice while the others have those made-for-Diznee Channel faces, and Lenny's not a fan of skinny jeans.

On to the review!  We tried on the suits/tuxes for Jeff's wedding yesterday.  I opted for the powder blue with ruffles.

However, after trying on, it was pointed out to me that the blue clashes with my severe lack of skin tone.  So I went with the tan suit and pink tie, a close 2nd choice.  Looks good though, and we get to wear flip flops - badass.

For those fans of nice weather, next week is going to be incredible here in the NoCo - just in time for Bike To Work Week.  The City of Fort Collins even installed five new huge bike racks around downtown - a welcomed new addition:

Every time I'm down there, those things are full too.  Probably helps they're in front if the Trailhead and The Rio too.  Give em a try, it's a hell of a lot easier than trying to find a place to park, that's fer damn sure!  

Seems like the time is definitely right to pull the Sanchez out and take the whip to work in the mornings.  And if you do ride to work, don't stop to take that interview cause you'll look like a douche after and wish you hadn't...

That's it from this side.  Have a weekend of it all and Congrats Jeff & Shauna!  -H

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back On Topic

I know it been a while, so how bout something MTB related?

Ah, refreshing.  Now if the kiddo could ride some downhill...  She probably can, and kick my @$$ while she's at it.  All new & up-to-date EOWR coming Friday!!  Great weather till then, so get yourself some.

Friday, May 1, 2009

End of week ramblings 5/1/09

So it's been a while and a lot has happened.  Ang is in India so I'm playing "Single Father," Michael Keaton took the nicer sounding title...

Jeff & Shauna's wedding is now just a week away...

And New York Times acclaimed artist, Swobo Minister of Mis-Information, and official Mayor of Drunkingham Stevil Kinevil is having another showing of his bits & pieces at OneOnOne in MPLS this weekend...

So there's a ton of great stuff happening all at the same time.  It can become a bit overwhelming at times that you may take some things for granted.  What it's like to kick back and enjoy a movie with your kid - riding your bike to the beer store for a six pack - calling your long distance friends & loved ones just to check in (istead of drunk dialing).  You start to get all caught up in the hustle of life, then something happens to set you straight, and usually it's a shake up of the worst kind.  

I'll close with this:

If at any point this week, you wondered if sh!t could get any worse - just know that it can.  So get out there this weekend knowing that you can get completely truck nuts crazy, and head back in to the trenches Monday and start looking forward to the weekend ahead once again.  Cause it's always gonna be there, even after you're gone.  Go on out and get your share.

It's the weekend - Kick back & relax.  RIP RB, -H