Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh, there you are.

What's three or four months amongst friends, eh?

Good to see you though, hope you're well. How's the fam?

Nice, Ang & Ry are great. Yea, we got married two months ago...

It was good to get the 'ol band back together too. Here's us boys jumping over a small child...

That's not really Andy - it's an Andy dummy hanging from a crane overhead. The only folks that didn't make it were our wacko neighbors that can't seem to control their kids.

Had to "shoo" Wolf Bitzer off the lawn a couple times, that guy just doesn't quit.

We're in the midst of buying a house, which is quite the challenge, but found just what we were looking for:

Home Sweet Home, in technicolor.

Oooh, didja see what's at the local corner store now?

2 Below is a close 2nd only to Skinny Dip for seasonal favorites. Already picturing a nice evening in the backyard around the fire pit with a couple 2B's...

That'll do for now. Too much too fast is never a good thing - in blogging or in buffet lines.

Cheers, -H

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How We Roll

It's the name of the game...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back from NYC & Wedding Planning

We made it back from New York - but more of that in the EOWR NYC Special Edition coming out this Friday.

In the thick of Weddingpalooza '09. Getting those RSVPs back, keep 'em coming too. And here's a little taste of what you can expect at our ceremony:

See you all VERY SOON!!!! -H

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bikes + Movies = Brilliant

Guess what's rolling to your neck of the woods this summer...

October 28-31 in Denver - I'll see you there. Check out the website for details on movies and when/where.

In the meantime, Jeff & I hit the Blue Sky trail on Sunday. I really took for granted the resevoir in my Camelbak and just took three bottles of water instead. If I need to fix something along the lines of a Ziploc freezer bag with a couple straws and some duct tape, I'll make it happen - and still take the 3 bottles too. It was pretty hot, humid as hell and nothing but sun. Needless to say my pale force complexion took a beating.

If you happen to speak Swedish, could you help me out here?

Wow. Speak the language or pay the consequences.

Sorry it's been so long. See you soon. -H

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey - How are ya?

Sorry it's been so long, lots of wedding planning going on. Some stuff just takes precedence. So let's get back at it. I offer you this for the time being:

For now, be well. -HIC

Monday, May 18, 2009

So we've been busy - wedding busy.

The kind of busy that once things get moving, it's a steaming freight train that doesn't stop or even start to slow down until Uncle Carl is shot-gunning beers (which he smuggled in himself) and doing keg stands at the reception.  Then it's just an awkward family moment/liver failure and then downhill from there.

Take the following for example: Jeff & Shauna's wedding was a little more than a week ago.  Here's some of the best moments from the photo booth.  An awesome night.  Go freaking nuts.

Friday, May 8, 2009

End of week ramblings 5/8/09

So it's been just me and the kid for the past two weeks.  I think we've faired quite well since Ang has been gone.

You'd think being away from your Mom for the first time ever, and for two weeks no less, you have a mess on your hands.  But with the help of Nana & Papa, AmBam & Yessie, and Rock Band, time has flown by.  Needless to say I'm beyond excited to see the old lady - just starving for some conversation outside of "Who's your favorite Jonas Brother?"  And my answer is Lenny, the bastard Jonas son.  He's the one with the real voice while the others have those made-for-Diznee Channel faces, and Lenny's not a fan of skinny jeans.

On to the review!  We tried on the suits/tuxes for Jeff's wedding yesterday.  I opted for the powder blue with ruffles.

However, after trying on, it was pointed out to me that the blue clashes with my severe lack of skin tone.  So I went with the tan suit and pink tie, a close 2nd choice.  Looks good though, and we get to wear flip flops - badass.

For those fans of nice weather, next week is going to be incredible here in the NoCo - just in time for Bike To Work Week.  The City of Fort Collins even installed five new huge bike racks around downtown - a welcomed new addition:

Every time I'm down there, those things are full too.  Probably helps they're in front if the Trailhead and The Rio too.  Give em a try, it's a hell of a lot easier than trying to find a place to park, that's fer damn sure!  

Seems like the time is definitely right to pull the Sanchez out and take the whip to work in the mornings.  And if you do ride to work, don't stop to take that interview cause you'll look like a douche after and wish you hadn't...

That's it from this side.  Have a weekend of it all and Congrats Jeff & Shauna!  -H

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back On Topic

I know it been a while, so how bout something MTB related?

Ah, refreshing.  Now if the kiddo could ride some downhill...  She probably can, and kick my @$$ while she's at it.  All new & up-to-date EOWR coming Friday!!  Great weather till then, so get yourself some.

Friday, May 1, 2009

End of week ramblings 5/1/09

So it's been a while and a lot has happened.  Ang is in India so I'm playing "Single Father," Michael Keaton took the nicer sounding title...

Jeff & Shauna's wedding is now just a week away...

And New York Times acclaimed artist, Swobo Minister of Mis-Information, and official Mayor of Drunkingham Stevil Kinevil is having another showing of his bits & pieces at OneOnOne in MPLS this weekend...

So there's a ton of great stuff happening all at the same time.  It can become a bit overwhelming at times that you may take some things for granted.  What it's like to kick back and enjoy a movie with your kid - riding your bike to the beer store for a six pack - calling your long distance friends & loved ones just to check in (istead of drunk dialing).  You start to get all caught up in the hustle of life, then something happens to set you straight, and usually it's a shake up of the worst kind.  

I'll close with this:

If at any point this week, you wondered if sh!t could get any worse - just know that it can.  So get out there this weekend knowing that you can get completely truck nuts crazy, and head back in to the trenches Monday and start looking forward to the weekend ahead once again.  Cause it's always gonna be there, even after you're gone.  Go on out and get your share.

It's the weekend - Kick back & relax.  RIP RB, -H

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodbye King

The world lost an incredible guy today.

I feel truly lucky to have know Rich Bircumshaw as a coworker and friend.  I'm still pretty speechless at the whole thing, so I've decided to "retweet" my buddy Corbu Stathes' post from today.  Rich, Corbu and the other guys in the Clear Channel Sports Grotto were a pretty tight knit group, so it's a bit hard to see the leader, The King if you will, leave us.  Here's Corbu's post, and check out his blog HERE.

"I've never had a friend die before. 

I've had relatives pass away as well as people I knew in passing or was close to at one time, but never someone whom I had just seen two weeks ago. 

That changed last night when Rich 
Bircumshaw passed away after suffering a stroke in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

The death of "the King" as he was known around the radio stations he worked for, was sudden, unexpected and knocked me off of my feet. 

Rich, who absolutely hated being called Rick and was often, was one of the greatest guys I have ever met. Sure, he could be a real S.O.B. if he was pissed off at you, but if he cared about you at all, then he cared about you forever. 

He had a fuse that could be lit by a passing breeze and a wit that was even quicker. Anybody who has met Rich, heard him on the radio, or 
attended a function hosted by him has smiled at least once because of something he said.

Whether it was hearing that Cecil 
Sapp was "a grown man, dog" as he scored a touchdown or he deemed someone "worth the climb", Rich always had a way with words that could leave you shaking your head while your lips creased into a grin. His voice was truly unique in its sound and the message it delivered.

Because of his work as the News Director at Clear Channel Northern Colorado and as the Voice of the 
CSU Rams, Rich was known and revered all over Ft. Collins, Greeley, and all points in between. He related to the big-timers just the same as the common man or woman, giving them respect if they deserved it and letting them know if they didn't. 

For me, he was a mentor and an advocate. 
He was a part of many memorable and funny lunches.
He was a part of many lunches that were nothing but blowing off steam.
He was a 
bevy of quotes.
He was a belly of laughs.
He was a true friend if you were lucky enough to call him that. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Rich got up to Heaven and Peter read off the list of people as they walked in.
"Okay, next let's go to Rick 
"Uh, it's Rich, Saint Pete."
"Oh, you're right, Rich."

Rich, you were awesome, man. You will always be missed and loved. 

The world is worse off without you."

Friday, April 17, 2009

End of week ramblings 4/17/09

Quickie EOWR this week, a big weekend ahead - but more on that later.  Let's get right at it.

All the headlines these days revolve around pirates and the sh!tty economy.  Luckily there's a gal like Susan Boyle sent to shock and awe all of us.

If you're not one of the 20 million people who have seen this video, click HERE.  Will someone please give this lady a truckfull of cash?

While on the subject of music, one of the best bands in 20 years has released a new song.

I saw these guys in Denver a couple years ago, and it was mindblowing.  And the only time I've ever gotten fired up and headed into the pit at a show.  Andrew and the boys have been hard at work in the studio and have a new song available for free download from their site.  Get it HERE, then rock your face off.

The trifecta of bachelor parties is set to kick off tomorrow night in Denver.  I'm betting it will only start off something like this:

And end up looking something like this:

Since we're all getting married this summer, and we're all standing up for each other - Dook, Hefe, and myself have chosen to join forces and get it knocked out all at once.  Probably a bit easier on the liver that way too.  

I'm off to close out the week before we put a huge dent in it tomorrow night.  Just gotta remember a change of pants and bail money.

Have a fall down weekend!  -H

Friday, April 10, 2009

End of week ramblings 4/10/09

Happy eggs, pastel colors, jelly beans, Jesus and rabbits weekend.

I understand the meaning of Easter - what I don't get is the relation to eggs and rabbits.  I'm sure there's a meaning, but to me, it's just another creepy dude at the mall in a costume making small kids cry.  And that sh!t is cheap, awesome entertainment.

Moving along, the days are longer and getting warmer, and I've gotten lazier and fatter.  Moving really takes it out of you.  I've not been on a bike in over a week and I can feel it in my lazy aches and pains.  My favorite position looks something like this:

Minus the shoes with buckles - anyone who knows me knows I rock the velcro shoes.  El Jefe mentioned starting up a post-workday Wednesday night ride - that sounds like a damn good idea.  

The official kickoff to velo-season kicks off tomorrow night in Denver:

It's the first year for AC in Denver and is shaping up to be quite a shindig.  Here's what it looked like in Minneapolis last weekend for AC3 in the Twin Cities

Party kicks off at 8p, for info & directions go HERE and then go there.  PBR, bikes, and cupcakes - can't go wrong.

So if you're off this weekend forgetting what you gave up for Lent, eating fish on Friday, or nibbling on Cadbury eggs, don't forget to send out invites for Easter dinner

It's the weekend - I'm drinkin' if you're buyin'.  -H

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary

76 years and 1 day ago, the masses took to the streets...

And thank God they did.  Prohibition ended 76 years ago today, back when the government was telling us what morals to believe and what was healthy for us, pre-Bush Administration.

Maybe you've heard this famous line from Super Awesome American Ben Franklin:

And if you needed further evidence from a higher power...

Did you need a reason to find out if beer goes along with bikes and big wheels, well - one need look no further than The Urban Assault Ride.  Josh & Jackie hit the road for the season, and kick it off in Tucson this year.  You can add in sunburns and saguaro, but it just doesn't fit with the "B3-scheme"

The UAR hits Tucson April 19th, grab your sunscreen, spandex and sign up HERE.

Back here Friday with a EOWR recap - for now, I'm off to celebrate an important anniversary.

Cheers, -H

Friday, April 3, 2009

End of week ramblings 4/3/09

Oh man, whatta week!  Let's get right at it.

One of the main reasons I started writing this here bloggins is to keep in touch with good friends and family, letting everyone know of all the excitement and crazy stuff we're always doing, the occasional nibble of bike advocacy info, and some naughty words & profanity sprinkled in for good measure.  

So if you come by for more of one than the other, or whatever you happen to stop by for, I certainly appreciate your support and even chance, momentary glance.  Much thanks.

It was moving week, and it was here and gone with the blink of an eye.  We had the huge support of Ang's Dad and my future brosef-in-law Jesse.  So we packed all the stuff in boxes and thew threw it on the truck and shipped it to the new joint.

I never will underestimate having a garage again.  We have a massive crawlspace that could double as a ranch-style house for a family of little people, but still - no man cave.  Angie's cool with me fixing and tuning the bikes on the kitchen table though.  

The big 2-8.  Pushing 30.  The thing that freaks me out the most about turning 28 today is not that I have gray hairs, or anything like that.  What's weird is having the 10 year high school reunion this summer.  I'm thinking of skipping the whole thing since we've all reconnected on FaceSpace...  Unless there's an open bar - then I'm there.

I'll be sleeping off a hangover the better part of tomorrow, so if it's not blizzarding where you're at (30's and snow in the NoCo tomorrow) then my best wishes to you in weekend bummer life avoidance.

Happy happy, -H

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does moving really excite anyone?

I can honestly say that moving makes me a bit disgruntled. And it's carried over to work, cause today every salesperson sucks. So as a midweek treat - it's time for a little EES to soothe the beast in us all.

Friday, March 27, 2009

End of week ramblings 3/26/09

Thought about digging out of the snow yesterday, but after the office closed early yesterday, Jeff & I came up with a better option.

Hypothermia be DAMNED!! When all was said and done, about a foot of the white stuff fell on the NoCO. Making the trails this weekend a bit sticky in places. Give it time to dry folks. For now, let's get this rolling shall we?

It was a bad week for guys on bikes. First up we have Today Show host Matt Lauer - who's least favorite song is now "Grandma Got Ranover By A Reindeer"

Welcome Back Matt, here's to ya and wishing you a speedy recovery. Milk that sling for all it's worth - like a better parking in the NBC garage; Chris Matthews can walk a little farther and could use the exercise.

Also taking an unscheduled trip over the bars this week was Captain WOW! himself:

The moment you crash in a pack like that must be like: "This is really going to suck cause 100 other guys are about to crash on me. I hope they dig me out of the pile soon." If Lance still runs the Giro, AND le Tour after smashing his collarbone mere months before - he truly deserves the title of Captain WOW! Maybe he needs some of Michael Phelps' super-human power giving super weed... That'll speed up the healing.

I found a new bike blog this week out of NYC, and it just so happens it's got a catchy title. I don't know a lot about BBNYC, but I know I like it. Critical Mass info, how to build a bike in NYC, and I found this awesome pic on the site:

Oh yea, it's the last Friday of the month... if you're riding anything less than 4 wheels, then get on it.

Happy Weekend. Get yourself 48 hours of mandatory fun. -H