Friday, May 1, 2009

End of week ramblings 5/1/09

So it's been a while and a lot has happened.  Ang is in India so I'm playing "Single Father," Michael Keaton took the nicer sounding title...

Jeff & Shauna's wedding is now just a week away...

And New York Times acclaimed artist, Swobo Minister of Mis-Information, and official Mayor of Drunkingham Stevil Kinevil is having another showing of his bits & pieces at OneOnOne in MPLS this weekend...

So there's a ton of great stuff happening all at the same time.  It can become a bit overwhelming at times that you may take some things for granted.  What it's like to kick back and enjoy a movie with your kid - riding your bike to the beer store for a six pack - calling your long distance friends & loved ones just to check in (istead of drunk dialing).  You start to get all caught up in the hustle of life, then something happens to set you straight, and usually it's a shake up of the worst kind.  

I'll close with this:

If at any point this week, you wondered if sh!t could get any worse - just know that it can.  So get out there this weekend knowing that you can get completely truck nuts crazy, and head back in to the trenches Monday and start looking forward to the weekend ahead once again.  Cause it's always gonna be there, even after you're gone.  Go on out and get your share.

It's the weekend - Kick back & relax.  RIP RB, -H

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