Friday, October 24, 2008

End of week ramblings 10/24/08

So, I guess this is my first official post on the 'ol blogski here.  Wooo.  Here's the weekly wrap-up.  Ang was pretty sick this week so she took a day off to recouperate. Poor gal was really knocked out, but things could always be worse.  Got to take the kid to school and rocked some great tunes in the car on the way there.  She loves Kaiser Chiefs, Black Kids and Ghostland Observatory.  Gotta admit, the kid's got taste.  Went to Kings of Leon in Denver last night with Jesse:

Wow.  I either need a new cell phone camera or parkinson's medication.  Sorry for the Blair Witch effects there.  Great time though, sold out show.  I don't think I've ever seen that many folks inside the Fillmore before.  Kick ass time though, paying for it now as I spend the day in recovery mode.  Got some coffee and Casino is on, so the healing process begins.

If you've got kids, or know someone who does, you're surely aware that High School Musical 3 comes out today.  I've seen kids as young as 3 and as old as 16 that love those movies.  It's crazy that one franchise can have such a spanning demographic.  So instead of heading to Veloswap this Saturday morning with Bald Andy and Jeffy Jeff, I'll be learning all the new songs.  Catchy stuff though.

I'll leave you with one more thing:

Oh yea, Obama rides fixie.  You should see the skids on Palin's face.  If you've registered to vote, and you live in CO, go vote early.  The ballot is LOOOOOONNNGGGG so do your homework and take a cheatsheet.  See, I'm saving you time already.

Have a _____ weekend.  Maharigato.  -H

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