Friday, October 31, 2008

End of week ramblings 10/31/08

Happy Halloween!  Good 'ol Biz Markie sends his love...
This is from Nick Jr.'s show "Yo Gabba Gabba!" and it's what you're kids are watching.  So if in 15 years your kids turn out to be really cool, this show is why.  Kinda makes Sesame Street look like a bunch of jackasses. 

You know, everyone has a couple Halloween memories they look back on and have a bit of a laugh at...  For about a 6 year period I went as The Devil - same costume every year, but strange enough - a bit more convincing year after year, I must have grown into the character.  I remember one Halloween as a kid growing up in Cheyenne, I must have been in 3rd Grade cause I was Batman for the holiday.  Halloween in Wyoming means your costume is on the outside of your snowsuit, and if it doesn't fit, then you wear the parts that do.  So this adventure consisted of me in a black ski mask and cape jetting door-to-door in 70 MPH wind gusts.  The cape acted as more of a sail and threw me into ice-laden snow drifts and leaf piles instead of front door mats.  And of course the final halloween excursion was my senior year of high school, yea - we went out with a bang.  My buddy Nate and I ran into an old friend at a house party in a trailer park (where the best/worst Chey-dive house parties/domestic abuse calls/"accidents" always start/finish at).  There were a couple masks in the house so we went out, and since people who hand out candy fear old kids going door-to-door more so than the devil himself, we made out like bandits.  Now, I've got a little one and we're heading out the door tonight to partake in tricks and treats of our own.  She's going as a little witch, with blond moppet hair and missing front teeth.  Best Costume Ever.

Have a great holiday and party your asses off cause it's gonna be a while til Halloween is on a weekend again.  I'll be off hunting zombies of my own with the crew, so I'll tell Shaun and the gang hello for ya.

Have a HAUNTED weekend.  Maharigato.  -H

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