Friday, January 30, 2009

End of week ramblings 1/30/09

The 4th week of 2009 in the books, and what a week it has been.  But before that, lets flash back to September 08 for just a moment.  Remember Josh & Jackie - the brain children behind the New Belgium Brewing Urban Assault Ride?  Well, I found another shining "Hans Moment"...  Clink HERE and keep an eye at the 5min mark where we're riding the runt bikes.  Nothing like embarrassing yourself to make one a bit humbled, good time though.

In other happenings, I stumbled across this pic from PETA's new "chain" campaign:

That's Carey Hart in front of his burned-out trailer that caught fire (on the way to this very photo shoot).  Now I don't usually condone the crazy antics of your typical PETA enthusiast - see last weeks quote about the cute & delicious pig.  But lets set a few things straight:  #1 - Fur, for the only purpose of fashion, IS murder.  #2 - People that have dogs and just keep them tied up all the time, or sitting out on the porch year-round (my neighbors), are dirtbags.  I 100% whole-heartedly agree, life on a chain is no life at all.  Thumbs up PETA on this one.

Also in the interweb lives this:

Good ol Graham owns/runs a company called Resource Revival.  They make cool stuff out of old bike parts - just OLD bike parts.  They reuse almost everything - tires, cogs, wheels... if it broke off a bike, Graham's making a picture frame out of it.

A bit more local, the timing was right in Estes Park, Colorado...

Angie thought we were headed to the historic Stanley Hotel for a ghost tour, when I think I gave her a real surprise.  I asked her to be my "Official Old Lady" and she said "Oh hell, why not."  Not exactly, but that's between her and I - make up your own caption from the photo.  So we're happily almost hitched - thanks for all the well wishes this week from all-a-ya.

Wrapping it up here, have a animal-friendly, recycled, tender moment weekend.  Awww... beer me.


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