Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quickie Recap

The Mrs. and myself succomed onto the almighty succomeder, the supreme man, the guys who hold the clipboard at the club you hate going to cause you never get in. A deal with the devil was made... We receive the do-it-yourself Comcast modem/internet hook-up kit later this week. Speaking of selling out, click HERE to watch the video "Sell Out" from Reel Big Fish -- it only got played by MTV like twice, all that beautiful waste and crane cam shots...

Have you seen these?

It's called an Expresso Bike - they're badass, and of course they don't have 'em at my gym. It's great for over lunch if you for whatever reason you can't bike to work -- and if you can't, then your boss is a communist. This is America dammit, have we already forgotten YES WE CAN? Maybe it's just too cold outside still, so that's okay, that's why we have this.

That's it for now. Happy Inaguration everyone, and let's keep the "president's balls" jokes out of all the "Inaguration Ha-Ha" this time.

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