Saturday, January 24, 2009

End of week(s) ramblings 1/24/09

Ok, so it's been a while, although thru no fault of my own.  For whatever reason, I decided to check on the neighbors, and used an alias just in case for my own anonymity:

So seein' as how nothing panned out from the Post-It note, we broke down and bought Comcast internet.  Yea, being an adult sucks.

I got a couple really cool gifts for Xmas.  One of them being from Jess & Eric in MPLS:

Peace Coffee is awesome stuff.  All their beans are 100% organic and fair trade certified - meaning they pay all their farmers fair market price and a living wage, as opposed to lowballing (otherwise known as Folgersizing which leads to living in Maxwell Track Housing), cause that is where the dirty deeds are done, BOOOO!

This one comes from The Outlaws (cause they're not In-laws yet) Jesse & Amber:

If you haven't heard, Anthony Bourdain can out smoke, drink, cook, travel and likely, leg wrestle your scrawny butt.  Les Halles is the restaurant in NYC he worked in for years as the head chef, and is now the host of his own travel show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the Travel Channel.  I highly recommend you watch it or forever be a thorn in my @ss.  One of the best chapters in this (and any) book:

And that looks like a cute pig, so he must be REALLY tasty!!!!  Didn't even notice this until recent but I also found the next tattoo for Jesse (who is the upper echelon of culinary badassness) on this book's cover:

I can only cook Hamburger Helper, but getting this tattoo would make be a better cook, next step Oodles Of Noodles.

In other news, I really have only Josh to thank for this one:

Oh baby, The Black Keys are to good, current, underground music as Big Macs are to diabetes, or fat asses, or Kathie Lee Gifford -- just trying to think of things I really don't like...  But trust me, they're that good.  

We started a fit club type of thing at the office.  Not doing too bad, our second weight-in is in about three weeks, ad I'm thinking I should do well.  Luckily, it was sh!tty weather the day of the initial weigh-in and I wore my giant hiking boots (5-8 lbs), a couple extra layers of fleece and long sleeve t-shirts (another 3-5 lbs) and my winter beer belly (no comment) so that packed on the extra pounds and should look miraculous when I come in for the next weigh-in having lost that free weight.  It's about having a goal, and that goal is cheat to win - motivational posters being mocked up now.  And for whatever reason, I've actually been pretty motivated to go to the gym a couple times a week.  I found if you go over lunch, you start to look forward to getting out of the office for an hour to go blow off steam.

A tip of the hat and best wishes go out to our 44th president

I don't want to say I'm looking forward to the next four years, simply cause there's so much hard stuff on the way still, but it's gotta be better than the previous 8.  You still have my vote good sir, and 2012 - for what it's worth.

Before I head out to the gym on this chilly Saturday NoCo morning, I leave you with this bit of bicycle-related awesomeness:

Grotesk is a graffiti artist in NYC and also designs shirts for companies like Zoo York and the like.  Check out his work HERE.

Closing it up, it's good to see you here again.  Come back anytime, beers in the fridge.  And, since I'm on the new streak, have a heath ridden weekend.


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  1. Hans - I love Peace coffee. That is actually the kind we used to brew our Coffee Stout Porter! We'll try to save you a bottle in case you ever make it out to this neck of the woods.