Friday, March 6, 2009

End of week ramblings 3/6/09

Happy Friday,

Elizabeth, my boss at work, is a pretty cool lady.  She's English from England, uses awesome words like "whilst" and "rubbish", plays video games, sharing snacks and funny clips of animals doing crazy sh!t on the internet.  So for Elizabeth, let's start this one out with a good laugh.

I have never been so close to peeing my pants at work until I saw that video.  I'm pretty sure I guffawed out loud.  And for those of you who don't know what exactly a "guffaw" is, it's the laugh you make when you're being tickled just before it's no longer funny and you're about to kick someone's ass.

Now, is it just me or did the entire country get a Twitter account this week?  

Twitter is like Facebook for folks with ADD.  Just status updates - that's all.  It could read something like:

hansincolorado I think I'd like to write a sentence.  So there.

And that's about it.  Everyone's life - 140 characters at a time.  If you're bored with your life, follow mine on Twitter HERE.

The gang at Swobo has been spring cleaning a came up with a bunch of cool stuff they're blowing out - all top notch stuff at ridiculous prices.

I got a pair of JMak's while in Portland last year and they never made it back to the closet, drop trou, in the wash, back on - friggin love those schpantz.  Check out the whole lot HERE...

There's a good group of folks here in the NoCo trying to make the city streets and country trails safer for folks on two wheels.  The Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol along with FC Bikes are doing phenomenal work with trail work, education, and just getting more folks out on the bike.  

DPMBP is hosting their "get to know you, us & them" type meeting Monday at New Belgium in FTC.  El Hefe', Ruggedy Andy and yours truly will be in presence to get the lowdown and we'll do our damndest not to keep it on the downlow...  Fo sho.  New Belgium is one of their sponsors and even donates ca$h from the beer sales at Tour De Fat in FTC to DPMBP - pretty damn rad if you ask me.  Get clickin' for details.

I've given you a good starting point, so find a little something on here that tickles your fancy and put your own twist on it.  Why not, it's the weekend and it's only 48 short hours till Monday.

Get at it.  -H

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