Friday, March 27, 2009

End of week ramblings 3/26/09

Thought about digging out of the snow yesterday, but after the office closed early yesterday, Jeff & I came up with a better option.

Hypothermia be DAMNED!! When all was said and done, about a foot of the white stuff fell on the NoCO. Making the trails this weekend a bit sticky in places. Give it time to dry folks. For now, let's get this rolling shall we?

It was a bad week for guys on bikes. First up we have Today Show host Matt Lauer - who's least favorite song is now "Grandma Got Ranover By A Reindeer"

Welcome Back Matt, here's to ya and wishing you a speedy recovery. Milk that sling for all it's worth - like a better parking in the NBC garage; Chris Matthews can walk a little farther and could use the exercise.

Also taking an unscheduled trip over the bars this week was Captain WOW! himself:

The moment you crash in a pack like that must be like: "This is really going to suck cause 100 other guys are about to crash on me. I hope they dig me out of the pile soon." If Lance still runs the Giro, AND le Tour after smashing his collarbone mere months before - he truly deserves the title of Captain WOW! Maybe he needs some of Michael Phelps' super-human power giving super weed... That'll speed up the healing.

I found a new bike blog this week out of NYC, and it just so happens it's got a catchy title. I don't know a lot about BBNYC, but I know I like it. Critical Mass info, how to build a bike in NYC, and I found this awesome pic on the site:

Oh yea, it's the last Friday of the month... if you're riding anything less than 4 wheels, then get on it.

Happy Weekend. Get yourself 48 hours of mandatory fun. -H

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