Friday, March 13, 2009

End of week ramblings 3/13/09

Looks like we're 2 fer 2 on Friday the 13th's here, eh? But remember, it's all a bunch of hullabaloo - fingers crossed...

Here's a great video displaying the great American determination:

Who says the bike can't solve problems? Took care of that snowstorm there, and made damn sure that cold fella had his brewskies.

This week, there's also a handful of folks in Washington DC rallying for the use of bikes in more open spaces. Team IMBA and friends are checking in and making sure there's going to be plenty of knobby-tired goodness to go 'round for years to come. Much thanks guys! Follow their progress HERE.

Had the opportunity to meet up with the good folks at Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol this week too.  If there's a group of folks that knows how to mix their bikes and trails with beer and pizza - it's this crew.  1st patrollers meeting is Wednesday March 25th at New Belgium in FTC - yea-yea brewskies.

On the wedding front - we're officially just under 6 months to go and starting to feel a bit behind and under the gun.  Need to finalize save the dates and send; invitations, registry, etc...  still doing ok with it all, but it seems like a lot and it's really coming up quick.  We've decided to give ourselves a break and wait to jump back into it after the move.  All of a sudden, packing up all my crap and moving it across town never seemed so fun.

Sorry for the delay this week.  Too much on my plate this week, but I'll be on top of it all next week.  There's also my Twitter feed to keep track of me there too.  So quit yer bitchin'...

You've got 48 hours and counting to avoid the bummer life, so get going already.

Cheers, -H

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