Friday, April 10, 2009

End of week ramblings 4/10/09

Happy eggs, pastel colors, jelly beans, Jesus and rabbits weekend.

I understand the meaning of Easter - what I don't get is the relation to eggs and rabbits.  I'm sure there's a meaning, but to me, it's just another creepy dude at the mall in a costume making small kids cry.  And that sh!t is cheap, awesome entertainment.

Moving along, the days are longer and getting warmer, and I've gotten lazier and fatter.  Moving really takes it out of you.  I've not been on a bike in over a week and I can feel it in my lazy aches and pains.  My favorite position looks something like this:

Minus the shoes with buckles - anyone who knows me knows I rock the velcro shoes.  El Jefe mentioned starting up a post-workday Wednesday night ride - that sounds like a damn good idea.  

The official kickoff to velo-season kicks off tomorrow night in Denver:

It's the first year for AC in Denver and is shaping up to be quite a shindig.  Here's what it looked like in Minneapolis last weekend for AC3 in the Twin Cities

Party kicks off at 8p, for info & directions go HERE and then go there.  PBR, bikes, and cupcakes - can't go wrong.

So if you're off this weekend forgetting what you gave up for Lent, eating fish on Friday, or nibbling on Cadbury eggs, don't forget to send out invites for Easter dinner

It's the weekend - I'm drinkin' if you're buyin'.  -H

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