Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary

76 years and 1 day ago, the masses took to the streets...

And thank God they did.  Prohibition ended 76 years ago today, back when the government was telling us what morals to believe and what was healthy for us, pre-Bush Administration.

Maybe you've heard this famous line from Super Awesome American Ben Franklin:

And if you needed further evidence from a higher power...

Did you need a reason to find out if beer goes along with bikes and big wheels, well - one need look no further than The Urban Assault Ride.  Josh & Jackie hit the road for the season, and kick it off in Tucson this year.  You can add in sunburns and saguaro, but it just doesn't fit with the "B3-scheme"

The UAR hits Tucson April 19th, grab your sunscreen, spandex and sign up HERE.

Back here Friday with a EOWR recap - for now, I'm off to celebrate an important anniversary.

Cheers, -H

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