Friday, April 17, 2009

End of week ramblings 4/17/09

Quickie EOWR this week, a big weekend ahead - but more on that later.  Let's get right at it.

All the headlines these days revolve around pirates and the sh!tty economy.  Luckily there's a gal like Susan Boyle sent to shock and awe all of us.

If you're not one of the 20 million people who have seen this video, click HERE.  Will someone please give this lady a truckfull of cash?

While on the subject of music, one of the best bands in 20 years has released a new song.

I saw these guys in Denver a couple years ago, and it was mindblowing.  And the only time I've ever gotten fired up and headed into the pit at a show.  Andrew and the boys have been hard at work in the studio and have a new song available for free download from their site.  Get it HERE, then rock your face off.

The trifecta of bachelor parties is set to kick off tomorrow night in Denver.  I'm betting it will only start off something like this:

And end up looking something like this:

Since we're all getting married this summer, and we're all standing up for each other - Dook, Hefe, and myself have chosen to join forces and get it knocked out all at once.  Probably a bit easier on the liver that way too.  

I'm off to close out the week before we put a huge dent in it tomorrow night.  Just gotta remember a change of pants and bail money.

Have a fall down weekend!  -H

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  1. Hello m friend. Long time, eh? So getting hitched, eh? When? That's awesome. Good to see you're still kickin! Miss ya!