Friday, December 5, 2008

End of week ramblings 12/05/08

You know there are just some things that never change.  Daytime TV, just as crappy as ever.  Have you ever caught this show while on your day off:

It's "The Doctors," or for the hipsters, "The Drs."  I think they go a little too far at times.  The one episode I saw had a gal on a table and in the stirrups - no joke - and before a live studio audience.  You know Oprah gives away cars on her show, if you go to a taping of "The Drs" you might score yourself a complimentary physical, and your 15 minutes of fame all at once!  The show is produced by Dr. Phil's son, which as we know anything that comes from that guy is about 97% crap (see episode #156 - "Help! My Metrosexual Lesbian Daughter Is Out Of Control!").  I think I'll stick to getting my medical advice from this guy:

Self diagnosis and WebMD are no help either.  Thought I had some weird STD one time, turned out it was just hiccups.

With the recent snowfall (FINALLY!), you're hopefully getting into the holiday spirit.  Found out the kid has a holiday concert coming up at her school.  Strange thing is they're putting it on 3 times, 9:30a, and twice at 11:30a both days.  Now I hate to flashback and do one of those "when I was a kid" moments, but for me - the concert was always at night and usually coincided with open house at school.  In the 80's & 90's, parents could give a sh!t about school programs, and the schools knew it.  They two-fer'd the whole thing - getting two birds stoned at once.  Then, since everyone knows what's better for our kids than we do, they came up with the education equivalent of the NRA - the PTA.  Today, if you can't bring cookies to your kid's class once a week and attend every mind-numbingly terrible field trip to the museum or box factory, then you're a bad parent.  I tell you what though, my kid reads better than any student in her class (with character voices I might add, thank you) and gets straight S+'s - whatever the hell that is.  It used to be A's in my day but that another blogski for another day-ski.  I do enjoy parent-teacher conferences though.  It's the one chance to dress up in all black and scare the crap out of my kid's teacher.  If I could set up the holiday program for my kid's school, it'd look something like this:

That's about it from this side of things.  Be sure to eat your veggies, cause you don't want to end up on "The Drs" showing us your blocked colon while your kids stand around and sing "O Tannenbaum" in the ugly holiday sweaters your grandma bought them.  I don't need to see that.

Have a weekend.  -H

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