Friday, December 12, 2008

End of week ramblings 12/12/08

And what a great a week it has been.  Actually got to SIT and watch a hockey game last Saturday with Angie.  Was great to kick back and have a couple beers and enjoy.  Kinda bummed there weren't as many fights.  I know, hockey at it's purest form is always a gentlemen's sport.  Well, whoever thinks that must really be lost on today's sports (most likely a backwoods townie holding up in the wilderness of Saskatchewan - that's in Canada).  Of course the games I'm working, those are the record nights for minutes in the box.

In other news:  Got the call this past Monday that I'll be starting my new gig with a magazine/new media company on 12/15.  It's close enough to where we live that I can ride my bike to work on days it warm enough (starting June).  Which to be perfectly honest, this job was the only thing I wanted for Christmas (as well as the Swobo Sanchez, It's Always Sunny in Philly seasons on DVD, and a cool argyle sweater).  I could not be more excited right now.  I feel truly blessed and lucky to be starting this job, especially given the state of the economy right now.  Which if you've still got college debt, are graduated, but are not working in the field you majored...  just go to the government and get your bailout package.  They're giving out sh!tloads of money right now, might as well get yourself some while the money is still worth more than the paper it's printed on.  Good 'ol American Peso...

The new Batman movie The Dark Night came out on DVD this week.  I cannot believe how dark the whole thing was.  I thought before they brought on the new guy, Christian Bale, the whole franchise was in a complete downward spiral.  It was just getting really hokey, more just for kiddos and less for, well, not kiddos (I don't want to say nerds).  This second in the new series is REALLY NOT for kids.  It's really violent, really twisted, and really cool.  Heath is awesome as the joker and 1000 times as twisted as Nicholson was.  Was pretty surprised how much filming they did in Chicago too.  You really should see this movie, and if you're even remotely a comic book movie fan, buy it.  

Time to wrap it up.  Enjoy the final days of holiday shopping.  Ug - no way.  Have a kicked back weekend.  -H

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