Saturday, December 20, 2008

End of week ramblings 12/19/08

Hey ya, Happy Saturday.  I didn't post on Friday because I'm working again now and there are other people that I like better than you now.  Not really, I'm just bad with excuses.

WOW - WHAT A WEEK!!!  Where do I start???

Saturday night last week resulted in dinner with "The Rents", a cocktail or two, an hour of romping in the snow, then staying up til 4am.  Yea, time got away from us on that one.

Started the new jobby-job this week.  The folks there are great, I've got a fish bowl type office, and there's a cafe' in the break room.  It's got one of these:

You just pop your favorite tea/coffee/cocoa/office crack packet in the machine and it spits it right into your cup.  Great stuff - drink about 10 of 'em a day now and am now peeing often enough to frighten my urologist.

If you watch the Today Show on NBC at all, you may have learned a couple things.  Katie Couric is no longer tops on your "Worst List" - Meredith Viera is now the all time title holder.  You may also know the Duggar Family.  Michelle & Jim Bob (I kid you not - is his real name) Duggar are from Arkansas and live in a home (modified warehouse) they built themselves for them and their 17 children.  Here's a recent family photo:

Well, it's time to pass the hand-me-down's around another time... as Michelle & Jim Bob (HA!) welcomed their 18th bundle of joy this Thursday.  I was thinking about this, and I couldn't imagine being pregnant for almost 20 years straight.  More power to 'em though.  They seem to do alright and are making sure Arkansas doesn't run out of white people.

Just about to wrap it up, and came across this slice of awesome:

If that doesn't inspire me for the new year, I'm not sure if anything will.

Merry ChristmaHaunaKwanzaa, and Festivus.  I think that covers all of 'em.  Cheers, -H

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