Monday, December 1, 2008

You ever get the feeling?

I wonder if it's just me, but it kinda seems like the closer I get to 30, the more I think the whole "woulda - shoulda - coulda" situation.  It's like a bad game show, "Change your life and take a chance with what's behind Door #3, or stick with what you've got and the box that Carrol has here..."  And you just know what's behind the door:

Or worse...

I hate to sound preachy or cliche', but I try and live without regrets, and I've done some stupid crap before, a couple times before a couple thousand people, but I learned a couple lessons.  Here's a lit of the most popular:
  • People that don't know you will "boo" you if you try and get them to cheer for the wrong sports team.  
  • Teachers hate it when you fall asleep in their class.  
  • Teachers REALLY hate it when you snore while sleeping in their class.  
  • Don't hide the fact that you smoke from your parents.
  • Everything you did as a kid that "irked" your parents, but they never told you, will be exactly what your kids will do to you.
  • Dry dog food is not terrible.
  • Wet cat food is repulsive.
  • The best friends you'll ever have you'll get after high school, except maybe one or two.
I guess anything that happened to me in the past where I was left ashamed, troubled, vomiting, embarrassed, laughing hysterically, or down on my luck, I can look back and have a bit of a laugh.  That's where the friends come into play - chances are they were there for most of it, and posess photo evidence/documentation/court reports.

This post leaves me feeling pretty blessed that I've had the support of my friends thru my risk takings, trip-ups, and set backs.  That's enough sappy stuff, it's Frambozen season!!

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  1. Also, if you're going to drink heavily, do it near a place that sells pants!!