Friday, November 7, 2008

End of week ramblings 11/07/08

Long time meth capitol of Colorado, Nederland out-does it self.  They've moved up to pot and crack as well.

As we found out last weekend, also home for some pretty sweet singletrack.  Pretty sure this was my first whack at the skinny's...  Here's Jeff after taking a whack at one of the gaps

Ehhh, close enough man.  At least you didn't land on your face - you mentioned your doctor said not to get mountains in it.  Great weather last Saturday: Sunny and 70s.  Eldora even was open, granted the pickin's were slim

Good 'Ol Andy has been the daredevil of the group this past summer.  Rolling thru cactus, unintentional 1/2 backflips, the man can do it all.  Here he's getting rad on a mini jump

Maybe not so rad - gotta watch the busted shoulder buddy.

Tonight it's date night with the old lady, and since we're kidless it's going to be Rock Bottom and Zack & Miri.  Damn I love me some Kevin Smith and I think Angie has a secret crush on Seth Rogen

Goofy, wears glasses, hairy, kind of a jackass...  don't know what she sees in him.  Good thing he's nothing like me.

Have an "uber" weekend.  -H


  1. how'd you like the movie? saw it with jeff, shauna and andy ... couldn't stop laughing!

  2. We ended up just going back home and watching Get Smart. Zach & Miri still looks cool though!