Friday, November 14, 2008

End of week ramblings 11/14/08

Happy Friday!  Just a quick wrap up this week.  If you screw around on the internet at work and haven't heard of Jon Lajoie, you are apparently not screwing around enough.  Frankly, it makes me ashamed of you.  Watch this now:

If you want to pee your pants laughing, and frankly WHO WOULDN'T (Communists maybe) click HERE to check out all of Jon's YouTube video-funny-ha-ha's.  Keep the sound low, just in case you work with a bunch of prudes.  He's a bit of a potty-mouth, and I don't want to get reported to your HR lady.  I don't need that.

In other news, Veteran's Day was this week.  

Rich Abrahamson @ Coloradoan

For a bit of realism, get this:  For years my Dad trudged thru the jungles of Vietnam.  I've always wanted to talk to him about it, but only a few years ago realized that there's somethings that people just can't share or talk about.  I know he was my age when he was going thru the whole thing, and I can't imagine going thru that same thing myself.  Well, when I was a kid in Cheyenne, the company he worked for never let him have Veteran's Day off.  Never even offered it to him.  He never wanted to make a big deal of it, but this really pissed off my Mom and I.  How can you not even offer??  Well, when he started his new job here in Colorado a few years ago, they straight up offered it to him.  I call my Dad on Veteran's Day, and offer a word of thanks to all my "Vet Friends", and I hope you do the same.

Weather's changing...  Get your ski's & boards waxed, it's about time to get Concussed!!!

Have a warm weekend.  -H

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