Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday... Full Speed Ahead

Or not.  I dare you not to try and waste time today.  It's gonna be 60 today in the NoCo - friggin' 60 degrees!  It's Mid-November!!!  You just know we're going to get pounded...

But, if you're looking to kill off some time before you skip out early to enjoy the last possible bit of sunshine, give this a shot:

You can make your own bike HERE.  Stevil Kinevil from HTATBL (check the link on the right -->) turned me on to it.  Notice the Cinelli stem and Chris King headset?  Yea baby.  And the Japanese characters on the lantern translate as "I crapped my pants on a tough ride, so you probably don't want to steal this bike."  It's just missing a spot for my smokes.

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