Friday, November 28, 2008

End of week ramblings 11/28/08

The economy is in the toilet, unemployment is nearing all-time highs, money is tight everywhere...  LET'S GO SHOPPING!!!

For the first and only time EVER, I decided to tag along on the annual Black Friday expedition.  We didn't get to Walmart until 5:15 or so.  Now we're not die-hards, crazies, or psychos and don't have the need to push and shove (unless provoked) and feel there's always enough to go around.  

Some folks seem to think it's necessary to be an @$$hole when it comes to Black Friday; pulling stuff off the shelves, and in many cases out of other baskets, before they even have a chance to pay for it.  It's seriously only a $90 GPS - you're gonna get what you pay for when you find out it doesn't work in cities with skyscrapers and it was just junk to begin with.  And Target might only have 15 Nintendo Wii's in stock, so God help you if you're not able to get one today.  Chances are you may have to wait another week.

It pays to be nice on a day like today.  "Excuse me," "Pardon," and "You can feel free to put that back in my cart a-hole" can go a long way.  Plus the folks working at the store for no benefits and minimum wage are more eager to please if you're not such a DB.

A great option would be to just not buy anything on Black Friday at all.  Buy Nothing Day as the gang at Swobo puts it.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel...  too bad the tunnel is a checkout line that's 8 deep and the cashier is still in training.

Have a thrifty weekend.  -H

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