Friday, November 21, 2008

End of week ramblings 11/21/08

Oh, Happy Friday!!  Um... yea.  Ok, to be honest, I started this EOWR (that's End Of Week Ramblings) blog without any topic in mind whatsoever other than knowing what has happened in the week previous.

And away we go.

Last Saturday started out with a massive-caloric-intake that is Schmidt's Bakery.

Yea, that Schmidt's.  It's gotta be the biggest bakery in the NoCo as well as heaven on earth.  They also have a section of authentic German meats, cheeses, and numerous other things that make me REALLY skinny.  Ang was totally checking out their wedding cakes too, which looked awesome - and since I've had ample time to watch Food Network, I can now use words like piping and fondent and know what the hell they mean.  I wonder if I could talk Schmidt's into doing bacon donuts...

(SIDENOTE: For more on the bacon donut, click then run HERE.)

Then spent the rest of the day with my parents to celebrate Mom's birthday.  SERIOUSLY PROFANE-BUT-HEARTFELT MOMENT:  I'm not gonna lie, my Mom is a tough lady that's not to be F'd with.  Now I don't throw the "F'd" word around much, mostly cause I hate to abbreviate curse words, but she's been through a bit of crap here and there.  She's cheated death as many times as you can count on one hand in the past couple years, so you know what that means -- Chuck Norris has a runner up for the award for Total Badass.  She truly does rock and constantly cracks my sh!t up on a regular basis.  FACT:  If you're ever in need of a good laugh, play games with your parents on the Nintendo Wii.  It's about as funny as watching your big sister as a kid piss her pants riding the tilt-a-whirl.  Still funny in current day.  But seriously, my Mom is rad and I'm thankful for being able to spend that time with her.

Speaking of thankful, it's already that time...

Before we venture into Thanksgiving bizness, can I just say it's about time this jackass is about out of office?  What a douche.  Back to thanksgiving - everyone has one turkey day childhood memory that still stand out above the rest.  Mine is a bit fuzzy but am pretty sure it involves me and Stevie getting in trouble for making Britt laugh so hard at dinner that she threw up onto her plate - right there at the table.  It's those holiday moments with the family that I cherish.

Here we are at the end, and whaddaya know, there are things to say - all one needs is an idea.  Or a poop joke, that seems to work the best.  

Alright, I'm off until there's better things to see n' say.  Give my best to the fam & friends this holiday and I'll maybe even give you a post-turkey bloated lowdown.

Have a Thankful weekend.  -H

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