Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, this sucks.

You know those people who say "it can always be worse," "you've gotta look at the glass as half full," and "quit picking at it - it'll never heal."  Always looking out for you.  Well, I'll be happy to thank you for your cliches after I get a callback.

Take this lucky lady for example.  Nice gal that looks to be in good spirits, a snappy dresser, appears to be intelligent (the glasses are a giveaway and she obviously spell checked her sign).  She may be out of work, but she's hitting the streets and getting her name out there.  However, to be an "out of work prostitute" one would have to first be a "working prostitute."  You've got to wonder what happened?  What's her cover letter say?  Who's her references?  And how would one become out of work in that business?  Brings a whole new meaning to "laid off" I guess.  Zing!

Can I just mention I have the greatest timing?  Out of work for about a month and a half now, economy sucks...  but at least I put gas in my car this morning for $1.87/a gallon - then rode my bike to the bank.  It's the little trips that add up.  I'd commute more by bike, I merely don't have the means now - winter here sucks and it's scary enough be in the bike lane when roads are clear.  We're lucky to get the neighborhoods plowed within a week LET ALONE bike lanes and trails.

The stress from being unemployed hasn't been too bad though.  I'm pretty sure it's my constant diet of cigarettes and the kid's leftover Halloween candy that's keeping me leveled.

My dentist is truly hating me right now.  You wanna see pissed off - wait till I tell him I switched to the natural toothpaste.  

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