Friday, February 13, 2009

End of week ramblings 2/13/09

1st - I don't believe in the whole Friday the 13th hubbub.  What happens, happens.  You stub your toe?  Black cat cross your path?  Beat that damn cat and ice up your foot.  That superstitious stuff doesn't fly here...  knocking on wood.

2nd - Happy Early Awkward lastminute shopping-diamonds are too expensive-ending up with chocolates-hoping that was enough-getting too drunk at dinner-passing out on the couch-Valentines Day.  Hopefully it won't be that great of a night for ya.  I did get you a card though...

We're in a recession, it's about fiscal responsibility people.  Some folks say that Valentine's is one of those made-up-for-money greeting card company holidays.  Like we're only supposed to really enjoy our loved one's company one night out of the entire year.  Couldn't be farther from the truth - I'll need a ride home on St. Patty's Day, and the drive home, via Taco Bell of course, is time well spent.

Recap time...

A-Rod's a juicer - SHOCK!!!  A professional baseball player took "performance enhancing drugs"????  One of the biggest and best in the game, the guy that's on the posters in your kid's room, is a cheat.  Gotta admit, he deserves all the flack he's getting and then some.  How many SI covers has he been on, and his last one will be:

It's a long fall from grace A-Hole, er... A-Rod.  Man, it's a good thing I gave up on professional sports a long time ago cause I'd really hate to give a sh!t about this guy.

Good news for the last true sportsmen/sportsmen, of the winter variety anyway.  The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver start in just 364 days in the Great White North.  Curling, Biathalon, Skeleton and all the other totally obscure winter sports (hockey, skiing, snowboard) are coming back.  And in an attempt to market toward a younger audience, Snowboarding Parallel Giant Slalom and Snowboard Cross will make their debut with guaranteed badass crashes.  Whenever an Olympics is coming around, the host city always parades around the mascots, most of which never make any sense and have names that I can't pronounce:

I'm noticing a strong resemblance to the large, hairy, yeti-like fellow in the center:

Angie & I are hoping to honeymoon in Vancouver well after the wedding and Olympics in Spring next year.  Only been there once and managed to get lost on bike.  It's a hellova awesome city to get lost in though.

Speaking of Weddingpalooza '09 - we've picked a location.  It may look familiar to many of you:

Maybe not that specific room, or that many people, but definitely that many margaritas...  The Agave Room at The Rio Grande in FTC is where we'll be throwing the party of all parties, after the quickest ceremony you've ever seen.  Keep an eye out for save the dates!

Before I split, here's one more card celebrating the upcoming President's Day holiday,

When you care enough... to hit send.  Happy Friday.  -H

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  1. Hans - we can't wait to celebrate with you guys in the Agave Room! I will try to do my part to ensure we have at least as many margs as those people.