Friday, February 20, 2009

End of week ramblings 2/20/09

Oh Happy Friday!!!  It was a short week for me, but a hellova crazy one.  Let's start here:

The judicial system was dealt a low blow late yesterday...

I received my first jury summons in the mail.  It's a little strange to me that it says "State Of Colorado" but the postmark says Albuquerque, NM.  Figure THAT out!!!

YO-bama dropped by for a visit this week to give us workin'/non-workin'/middle-class/normal (pick one) folk some cash, and to check out the musuem's 465 solar panels.  Greenergy... that's what I'm calling it - patent pending...

Meanwhile a bit further north, one of my favorite NoCo singletrack trails was burning.

Bobcat Ridge Natural Space is actually owned by the City of Fort Collins, and was purchased as a part of a public lands reclamation deal in 2000 after another fire tore thru the area.  As of Thursday afternoon had burned 52 acres and was about 70% contained.  Hopefully it will be all wrapped up and ready to ride this weekend - it's supposed to be in the high 50's and El Hefe is biting at the bit to test ride a new 29'er.  Giggidy!!

In other news...  You know what's wrong with television right now?  VH1.  Now some may argue that MTV is worse, but nothing is as bad right now.  The whole damn network is spin-off's of spin-off's.  I Love New York-Real Chance-Flavor Flav-Bret Michaels-different "C list" celebrity-Charm School-Herpes Of Love...  It's the most repulsive thing on tv.  IT'S NOT EVEN ENTERTAINING!!!!  It's a bunch of binge drinkers at a frat party with cameras.  But finally, someone is speaking out about it besides me.

The Onion - Saying the things we're all thinking...  If Wolf Blitzer, Bill O'Reiley, Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper got in a brawl like that...  Oh man, that would be awesome.  You know they talk sh!t about each other off camera anyway.

Have a skank-free weekend...  or don't.  -H

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