Friday, February 27, 2009

End of week ramblings 2/27/09

In a word... Ug.  It's been a rough week, sickness has been sweeping the HIC household.  And it's all this guy's fault:

It's name: Streptococcus.  It's nickname: Bastard.  I haven't had strep since high school, and it kicked my @$$.  Nothing in the lungs, but man it left my throat swollen and my sinuses were so clogged, it felt my head was in a vice.  Suck x 10.  The girls have been doing ok and took great care of me.  Jelly Belly's are the cure for any ailment, and they knew it.  As well as a truckload of antihistamines.

Even with the sickness, I managed to squeak in a 4 hr MTB ride with El Hefe' & Ruggedy Andy on Sunday morning.  I noticed that climbing 4 miles of a rocky trail is a lot easier than riding down 4 miles of rocky trail with no suspension.  A tip of the hat to the folx at Fox for making a kick butt shock.  A wag of the finger to my brain for realizing that afterward.  Damn hindsight...  Also, unfortunately due to a camera not being on hand, the latest entry to "The Scab Journal" will go undocumented - Jeff took a bit of air, and took an unscheduled rest atop a cactus.  Immediately after, it looked something like this:

Bottle, pouty face and all.  Unfortunately, his - and Andy's crash last summer - means I'm next.  Not looking forward to that.

Wedding stuff is coming together real quick - we must be kicking butt too because any book we pick up is putting is way ahead of schedule for our date.  Ang & I had some fun playing around with who will wear what:

Pasty-pale white skin goes with white tuxedo, right?

And now something of no relevance whatsoever...  In homage of the chimpanzee who went after that old lady in the NE last week, here's a video of a monkey washing a cat:

This of course, right before the cat was ripped to shreds after refusing to be blow dried.

Last Friday of the month, so watch the streets for Critical Mass, or better yet - JOIN!

Happy Friday.  -H

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