Friday, February 6, 2009

End of week ramblings 2/6/09

A pretty mellow week, but first lets start with something bicycle related.  Look who showed up this week:

My new Swobo Sanchez showed up on my doorstep.  It's a fixed gear, which is the most stripped-down kind of bike out there.  Just one gear, chain, cranks, frame, seat & wheels - that's about it.  It's "fixed" because there is no free-wheel action, the pedals are always moving, and the only way to slow is down is to use your legs to slow the momentum - a great leg workout.  There's one thing missing:

It sounds a bit freaky at first and it a bit strange to get used to, and if you forget to keep you legs moving, you just may take a trip over the bars.  Josh has one that I rode a bunch of times while doing the UAR last summer and I got to love it.  Swing by and give it a shot sometime, but bring a helmet - or not.  There's also an ER nearby.  

There a cool program in Denver that allows folks to get fit while they perform a little "sweat equity" to earn a bike of their own. Check out the story from CBS4 HERE.

Big sports week...  Steelers won the Super Bowl - I only watch football once a year, and many are saying this was one of the best bowls ever; I wouldn't know.  I'm too busy watching the commercials.  Here's my #1 pick from this year.

That sh!t is the bee's knees.

I posted earlier this week about Michael Phelps getting caught smoking a bong.  I still think it's a little naive of him to be thinking that going to a college house party and not figuring that someone would have a camera phone.  I'm not pissed or upset about it.  Was it a stupid mistake - yea.  Should be be punished - no.  When it comes down to it, he's just a normal guy under the world's biggest microscope.  I think he's unbelievably talented, and incredibly lucky to have the support of his sponsors.  He fessed up, and apologized.  Let's leave him be, wish him best of luck at World's in Rome this summer, and simply hope we'll see him in 2012 in London.

One the homefront, Angie and I are busy at work laying out the logistics for our part of Weddingfest '09.  Weddingfest includes: Duke & Shelli, El Hefe' & Shanaynay, us and anyone else we don't know of yet.  I'm not gonna lie - it's freaking me out a bit, but Angie keeps me level and just tells me "Don't think too much about it.  Go on a ride!"  Thanks babe!  Quite a busy summer in the works, I'm just looking forward to the parties and the afterglow.

I'll wrap up this week in a quote from 30 Rock.  It's an homage to the onslaught of formal wear headed in my direction this summer:

Liz: "Jack, why are you wearing a tux?"

Jack: "It's after six.  What am I, a farmer?"

God Bless Tina Fey.  Happy Friday.  -H

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