Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun With Kids

Honestly, what's the fun of having kids if you can't prank them once in a while?  Here's a couple fun examples.

#1 - What's possibly more fun than going to Disneyland?  Not going at ALL!!!

No lines, no insane temperatures, and all the fun of the real thing at a fraction of the price, and of the fun.  Disneyland... who needs it?  

#2 - Who wants free stuff?  You know who has the best free stuff?  The dentist!!  Every time you visit you get a lesson on flossing and proper oral hygiene, hot-diggity-DAMN!!  Not to mention the top notch drugs.

It's your lucky day friends, I'm feeling generous...  Sealants and whitening trays on me!  

#3 - The pet that ran off.

"Don't cry honey, it's gonna be okay...  Daddy put up 'Missing' signs for Punkin..."

"You know why Punkin left honey?  Cause you didn't keep your room clean like Mommy asked.  But if you do your homework right now, AND finish your dinner, she just may come home."  When kids aren't looking take cat out of closet.

When all else fails, nothing beats Spongebob and a giant bowl of cereal on Saturday Morning, or an afternoon bike ride.

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